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Before Applying

For French speaking applicants // Pour les candidats francophones

Si vous le souhaitez, une copie de la demande en français est disponible en téléchargement à partir de votre écran d'accueil une fois que vous avez créé un profil et accepté la politique de confidentialité.

If desired, a copy of the application in French is available for download from your homescreen once you have created a profile and agreed to the privacy policy.

Step 1. Check with the school(s) that you will be applying to for the following:

  • Do they have a minimum age/grade at which they will offer financial assistance?
  • What is the deadline for applying for assistance?
  • Are there other requirements that must be met to be eligible for financial assistance (i.e. will they offer aid to new students or only to returning students, do you have to be accepted by the school prior to making an application, do they offer aid to international applicants)?
  • Is there a maximum amount of assistance a school will provide (i.e. a percentage of the tuition costs)?
  • For a link to the school’s websites, click here

Step 2. If you are separated from the applicant's other parent, then both of you will have to make a separate application with your individual information

  • No information from one parent's application will be shared with the other parent
  • There is a lesser fee for the second parent who applies
  • If the other parent will not submit an application and you would still like to apply, you may contact the school and request an exception for your application to be considered on your financial information alone

Step 3. Gather some documents.

In order to complete the application process, you will be required to submit some supporting documents for the information that is entered on the application. These documents will also likely be helpful to you as you are filling out the application itself.

Below is not a comprehensive list, but is a good starting point of the documents that you will want to have.

  • Most Recent Notices of Assessment or Tax Returns
  • Most Recent T4's or T2125 Statement of Business Activities, if self-employed
  • Most Recent Pay Statements for the current year
  • Annual Mortgage Documents

Register for an online CRA My Account if you do not already have one set up. While not required for an AFS application, this can help greatly in the gathering of documents that may have been misplaced, and the registration process can take several weeks.