About Apple Financial Services

Apple Financial Services has been providing bursary and financial assistance analysis to private schools in Canada since 1993. The service was started at the request and with the assistance of several heads of finance at private schools who wanted an arm's length organization to evaluate financial aid applications and provide an unbiased evaluation of the applicant's financial resources and ability to fund their private education.

Currently, we provide this service to the families that are applying to or in attendance at almost 90 schools across Canada.

We are an organization managed by professionals having legal and accounting degrees, accredited in Canada, and with people having accounting, financial and tax experience in Canada and the United States.

Our goals are:

    1. To provide quick, insightful, unbiased financial evaluations of the financial resources available to financial assistance applicants; and
    2. To act as a financial assistance advisor and consultant to the finance and admissions departments of private schools, to help them effectively manage and continually improve their application process.